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Key Product Features: Plant-Based Wellness

Hemp infused wellness therapy formulas; Powered by exclusive Purzorb hemp derived full spectrum CBD, CBG, CBN oils; Revolutionary Micro-mist aerosol delivery system (nanotechnology); Third party lab tested; Certificate of Analysis (COA) available for all products; Pharmaceutical grade propellant (HFA-134a) tetra-flora-ethane. Only approved propellant by the EPA and FDA to be environmentally safe; THC free; meets federal regulations; Organic and Pesticide free; Aluminum recyclable cans; Atomized formulas to micelle level (smallest form of particulate for faster uptake); No powder isolates; Natural sweeteners; no adverse glycemic index effects; Metered dosages; Homogenized formulas for increased ingredient blending; Synergistic ingredients creating powerful entourage effect and results.