Aerosol Advantage

Mantis Micro Mist Aerosols deliver a metered spray of our CBD formulation with added micro-nutrients for pain management, skin restoration, and respiration at chosen areas of the body. Delivering the most effective, accurate dosing, optimum bioavailability and greater absorption, these aerosols are great for every day use.

What exactly are aerosols?

Aerosols are defined as a system of colloidal particles sealed in a metal container under pressure, dispersed as a gas or vapor (nano mist) using a pharmaceutical grade FDA approved propellant, HFA134a.

MANTIS™ pressurized Sublingual and Topical Aerosols are devices that deliver a precise amount of proprietary hemp-derived full-spectrum cannabinoid formulation directly under the tongue or on the surface of the skin.

MANTIS™ Sublingual, and Topical product incorporates an aluminum canister, dispensing valve and actuator allowing proprietary Hemp-derived Cannabinoid oils to be administered at a precise administration once activated.

Our formulas contain proprietary cannabinoid and terpene blends including Hempzorb81® Micelle Purzorb® CBD for maximum entourage effectiveness.

Aerosol Delivery Benefits:

– Accurate individual spray usage
– Optimum active cannabinoid bioavailability
– Quicker effective release and onset
– Greater absorption levels
– Discrete and convenient usage
– Lower cost per use

Most Effective Use & Administration

The aerosol delivery system is the most effective and accurate way to experience the complete benefits of full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD and our exclusive Hempzorb81® CBD product. Utilizing the ‘Micelle’ Nano-mist technology with metered spray inhaler, sublingual mist or topical sprays help customers get consistent delivery along with highest level of active FSO CBD & cannabinoids available today. Combined with our micro-nutrient and botanical rich proprietary formulations, you get the most fully integrated product on the market.


MANTIS™ unique CBD delivery systems are quickly transforming the industry because of their highly accurate administration, discreet and ease of use, providing a level of value that has never been offered in any other type of CBD product.

Our Micro Mist (Nano Technology) Sublinguals contain water soluble Hempzorb81® delivering 200 doses per unit.

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A quick tour of our aerosol manufacturing facilities and laboratories located in Denver and Aurora Colorado, Oregon, La Jolla, San Diego, California Las Vegas, Nevada and Bayamon, Puerto Rico.